The SThB course is a four-year ecclesiastical degree program affiliated with the Faculty of Theology of the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome and duly recognized by the Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education.

Admission Requirements

  1. A Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy (PhB or AB Philosophy), or completion of the required Philosophy subjects
  2. Official Transcript of Records (Original or Certified True Copy) of Collegiate Studies/Philosophical Studies with REMARKS: COPY FOR DBST
  3. Letter of Recommendation from Local Superior (for religious) or Formator-in-charge (for diocesan)
  4. Four (4) copies of 2×2 picture or passport size (with white background)
  5. Transfer Credential Certificate or Honorable Dismissal from the school last attended
  6. Entrance Examination Fee

Additional Requirements for INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS

  • Photocopy of passport bio-page (showing photo, latest admissions, and authorized of stay)
  • Photocopy of ACR (Alien Certificate of Registration) & CRTS (Certificate of Residence for Temporary Student)
  • Photocopy of Student or Missionary Visa

Graduation Requirements

  1. Completion of 140 credits (70% of the final grade).
  2. Passing of the Comprehensive Examination (30% of the final grade).
    • For those taking the BTh Oral Comprehensive Examination track, the student must have:
      • completed and obtained passing grades in all subjects of the first three curriculum years with a general weighted average between 1.00 – 2.24, before taking the Seminar in Theological Synthesis.
      • completed and passed the Seminar in Theological Synthesis.
      • Submitted their written theological sythesis and orally presented it to the ITF Director and another professor (comprises 40% of the Comprehensive Examinations)
      • passed the 30-minuted Oral Comprehensive Examination. (Comprises 60% of the Comprehensive Examination)
      • General weighted average not lower than 2.24
  3. Seminar / Theological Synthesis. For completion of theological studies, all students in the BTh program must take the Seminar on Theological Synthesis, write their personal Theological Synthesis, and present it orally to a panel made up of the ITF Director, the professor facilitating the seminar and their respective formator as observer.
  4. Salesian Studies. Being in the Salesian study center, all non-Salesian students in the BTh program are required to take two (2) units of Salesian studies, while the Salesian students are required eight (8) units.