This course is a modular short-term modular program designed for Religious immediately preparing for their perpetual or final vows. It provides the participants with a deeper insight on the essential elements of consecrated life, its psycho-spiritual dynamics, and the challenges that confront it in the present times. Sessions are held on Wednesdays


  • The prayer life of the consecrated person
  • Holistic approach to maturity in the religious life
  • Changes in adult life: Psychological maturity
  • The canonical prerequisites for perpetual profession
  • Discernment of spirits
  • Christ-centered existence and consecrated life
  • Commitment to chastity for the sake of the reign of God
  • Commitment to poverty and solidarity with the poor
  • Commitment to obedience and the service of authority
  • Biblical experiences of discernment
  • Modeling consecrated life on the blessed virgin mary
  • The sacraments and the consecrated person
  • Zeal for the reign of God and the Apostolate of religious
  • The liturgical aspects of consecrated life and the rite of perpetual profession
  • Renewal of religious community life
  • Religious life and evangelization today