This is two-year non-degree formation for those who desire to become ordinary catechists. It prepares the students to become catechists in public schools, parishes and basic ecclesial communities. The course is organized in modular form program and has two parts distributed in four semesters. The first two semesters focus on faith content, while the last two semesters concern methodology in catechesis and spirituality for catechists.

Classes are every Saturday, 8:00 AM until 3:30 PM. First Semester usually starts on the 2nd saturday of June. (Kindly check this website for posting of schedules)

Admission Requirements

  • Age between 18 and 50 years old
  • Completion of High School
  • Diagnostic Test on the Christian Doctrine
  • Good Grasp of English

Completion Requirements

  • Attendance and participation in all the modules
  • Passing the Written Comprehensive Examination
  • Submission of approved Catechetical Lesson Plans


First Year: Cathechetical Content

Intro 1: Theology of the Human Person
Intro 2: Introduction to Sacred Scriptures
Creed 1: God the Father
Creed 2: Jesus Christ
Creed 3: Holy Spirit and the Church
Creed 4: Blessed Virgin Mary
Worship 1: Liturgy and Christian Prayer
Worship 2: The Sacrament of Initiation
Worship 3: The Sacrament of Healing
Worship 4: The Sacrament at the Service of Communion
Moral 1: Our Vocation to Beatitude
Moral 2: Love of God (1st – 3rd Commandments)
Moral 3: Love of Neighbor – Respect for Life (4th & 5th Commandments)
Moral 4: Love of Neighbor – Respect for Life (6th & 9th Commandments)
Moral 5: Love of Neighbor – Respect for Property (7th & 10th Commandments)
Moral 6: Love of Neighbor – Respect for Truth (8th Commandments)

Second Year: Methodology & Spirituality

Intro 3: Fundamentals of Catechetics
Intro 4: Introduction to Catechetical Methodology
Method 1: Communication Skills and Art of Storytelling
Method 2: The Art of Asking Questions
Method 3: Liturgical Bible Study
Method 4: Bibliodrama
Method 6: Chalk Talk
Method 7: Social Media & Catechesis
Method 8: Basic Youth Ministry
Method 9: Organizing Sunday Children’s Liturgy
PDS 1: The Particular Calling of the Catechist
PDS 2: Faith Development
Practicum 1: Classroom Demonstration & Observation
Practicum 2: Lesson Planning
Synthesis of Doctrine, Moral, Worship